You want to work with me because you care- about art, about community, about yourself. You hire me because you have an idea, but can't yet feel it. That's what I'm here for: I'm here to help make your visions come to life.

If you are a Creator with a passion project I want to know more. 

If you are a Director or Producer I’d love to read your scripts.

If you are a fellow Model I’d like to offer you my resources.

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Modeling Credits

  • Penthouse, July 2020
  • Sportswear International #271: The SEX Issue (cover)
  • The Mammoth Book of Erotic Photography: Volume 4
  • BANG! Vol. 1 by Imperial Pictures
  • American Photography: 29
  • International Masters of Photography: Volume I

Photo & Design 


  • Acanthus Jewelry
  • Marla Studio
  • Hopeless Lingerie
  • Elizabeth Street Jewelry
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